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To keep up to date on federal administrative and congressional actions that could scale back or eliminate climate mitigation/adaptation measures, CLICK HERE for the Climate Deregulation Tracker of the Columbia Law School, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.

Together we can protect the climate and our future. CLICK HERE for a Faith Climate Action Guide for all the different ways you can act on climate.

As of February 10, 2017:

ACT NOW:¬† CONTACT YOUR SENATORS:¬† Congress is trying to block the Bureau of Land Management’s new, common sense standards to prevent wasteful leaks, venting, and flaring of natural gas. The congressional vote would not only block current standards, but prevent new ones from ever being being issued. Flaring natural gas wastes money, resources, and lets millions of tons of toxic pollution into the air, hurting our health and climate. CLICK HERE to sign a Petition or Call your Senators.